Below is a compilation of properties sold in Orleans Parish from May 24-28, 2023. Data is compiled from public records.

New Orleans

Transfers for May 24-28 

District 1

Coliseum St. 1765: $235,000, Jake Andrew Goray to John Taliaferro Williams.

Common St. 416: $10, Angus R. Cooper II to Elmar Marine Corp.

Common St. 416: $630,000, Jo Michelle Egan Living Trust to Julijana Zoran Conic, Snezana C. Popovic and Zoran Bogdan Popovich.

Magazine St. 819: $100, Worthmore Realty LLC to 819 Magazine Owner LLC.

Palmyra St. 4700: $415,000, Pamela Kanewske to Brian A. Dyess.

Prytania St. 1319-21-25, 1329-31, Thalia St. 1519, 1523-25-27-29: $1,755,000, Soka Gakkai International USA to Radio Parts LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 1205: $130,000, Paradise Prime Properties LLC to Lu Peng and Zhijuan Ding Peng.

St. Charles Ave. 625: $100, Leslie Jacobs Trust and Leslie R. Jacobs to Lawson Nola Trust.

S. Derbigny St. 2320-22-24: donation, no value stated, Wiat Holdings LLC to Irma Plummer.

S. Salcedo St. 1220: $45,000, I. Am New Orleans LLC to Clio Apartments LLC.

District 2

Bienville St. 2321: $310,000, Joseph Shores and Robin Runia Shores to Melissa Ann Kroninger and Westly Ann Kroninger.

Burgundy St. 415: $100, 415 Burgundy LLC to Dunlap Fleming Development LLC.

Burgundy St. 3413-3415: $645,000, Dawn L. Kolton and Kevin Kolton to Zoe Startz Barton.

Burgundy St. 6119-6121: $275,888, Joe Y. Hui to Rebecca E. Keel Lowery.

Crystal St. 201: donation, no value stated, Thomas J. Landry to Thomas J. Landry Living Trust.

Desoto St. 2651-53: $390,000, Karen Elizabeth Herod Thompson and Robert W. Thompson to Manuel Delgado and Tatyana Orlova Grant.

Gov. Nicholls St. 822: $510,000, Renee N. Picard Fleischer and Robert P. Fleischer to Jemco Revocable Trust and Jon Bradley Jeffreys.

Orleans Ave. 4226: $370,000, Jane Marie Serio Brun and Salvadore John Serio to Maria Alejandra Fuertes Andur and Dabasse and Pablo Gabriel Dabasse.

St. Ann St. 4307-09: $800,000, Shannon Colleen Foley Somens to Diana Hatamleh and Sean Gipson.

St. Louis St. 528: $350,000, Leunam Properties LLC to Arlene Brauns Hargroder.

Vicksburg St. 6564: $388,000, Donna Dunn and Thomas E. Dunn to Ellen Patricia Roth.

Vicksburg St. 7018: $266,000, Presbytery of South Louisiana to Amir Zahmatkesh Tareh and Lilian Suarez Tareh.

District 3

A. P. Tureaud Ave. 2509-11: $190,000, Henry George Pittman Jr. to Bria Semaj Martin.

Bartholomew St. 900: $390,000, Burgundy JEJ LLC to Buford Daryl Hollingsworth.

Basinview Drive 5164: $28,000, Craig J. Albert, Felicie Wicks Albert and Stephanie Albert Strong to David Eugene Sr. and Patricia Smith Eugene.

Belfort Ave. 3207: $372,000, Chantay Alexandra Brown and Natasha Nyree Martin to Megan Fontenot.

Charmes Court 4834: $40,000, Khuy Thi Tran and Kiem Nguyen to Kathy Kieu Nguyen.

Clematis Ave. 3728: donation, no value stated, George Harris III, Geraldine Perriatt and D. Perez to New Word Alive Ministries.

Columbus St. 1611-13; Columbus St. 1613: $305,000, Springer Partners LLC to 1611 Columbus LLC.

Coventry St. 6951: $85,000, Delilah D. Wynn Brown and John Baker Brown to Myndset Investments LLC.

Delery St. 1420-22: $132,000, Ervin T. Thomas to Alice Holdings LLC.

Desire St. 1233: $127,500, American Home Cash Buyers LLC to JBS 1 Property LLC.

Desire St. 1233: $110,000, Troy R. Riles to American Home Cash Buyers LLC.

Egania St. 2023: $30,500, Quest Trust Co. to Lees Professional Services LLC.

Elmdale Road 7564: $7,000, Cedric Graves and Sherrylynn Hawkins Graves to La Vondra S. Green.

France St. 2104: $5,000, Amazing Home Improvements LLC to Richard Lee Gadd Jr.

France St. 2112: $265,000, Amazing Home Improvements LLC to Richard Lee Gadd Jr.

Frankfort St. 1716: $465,000, Christopher Johnson and Lauren Levert Johnson to James W. Minge.

Frenchmen St. 2800; Frenchmen St. 2829: $730,100, SFS Ventures LLC to Cordeiro Building Supplies LLC.

Frenchmen St. 4558: $385,000, Christopher J. Monjure and Widade Ziani Monjure to Cory Anthony Dixon and Molly Erin McQuade.

Friar Tuck Drive 4810: $205,000, Rodney Arceneaux to Manh Tien Nguyen and Thi Ngoc Han Ho Nguyen.

Gallier St. 1326: $120,000, Respark Property Solutions LLC to Maximus Renovations LLC and Register Holdings LLC.

Holley Lane 5641: $215,000, Littie A. Harris Sims to Bobby R. Decros and Juanita Ducros Trust.

Lafon Drive 4901: $28,500, Brittany Brimmer to Corey Starks.

Lamb Road 7929: $60,000, Josephine O. Schloegel to Bobby Joseph Calvin and Katrina Hawkins Ray.

Louisa St. 2142: $29,000, Eyad M. Askar and Tahani Abudaya Askar to Keena Marie Kareem Taha.

Means Ave. 7347: $179,000, John Tran and Tuyet Thi Bui Tran to Theresa A. Sanchez.

N. Johnson St. 3129: $27,500, Powellful Realty LLC to David G. Herzenberg.

N. Villere St. 5009: $95,500, Gale Gattridge Branon to Bfaast Investments LLC.

Pauger St. 1515: $859,250, Gregory R. Matney and Janice Brandon Matney to Howard Bruce Glaser and Judy Karen Hilton Glaser.

Pauline Drive 4856: $330,000, Sun Realty LLC to Asya Howlette.

Pauline Drive 5700: $230,000, Jericho Road Episcopal Housing Initiative Inc. to Orlando James Brown and Orlando James Coleman.

Pauline Drive 6336: $500, Road Home Corp. to Patrick Dwayne Green.

Poland Ave. 908: $860,000, Jon Nisley and Bridget Bailey Nisley to Andrea Elizabeth Minze Hane and Lea Margaret Hane Minze.

Port St. 717-719: $975,000, Sara J. Wolfe Spielman to Alexander Morris and Cynthia Ann Sahdala Morris.

Rapides St. 1330: $745,000, Be Rich Enterprise LLC to Despoina Sotiriou Zarganis and Vasileios Zarganis.

Rosemont St. 4716-18: $88,000, PCOF Properties LLC to Rosemont Place LLC.

Scottwood Drive 7819: $181,000, Diana Bruno Joseph to Deshon Williams.

St. Claude Ave. 5523: $100, Friendly Penny LLC to Infinity Fuels LLC.

St. Ferdinand Drive 5558: $125,000, Monica B. Minor to Jemica Rhinehart.

St. Maurice Ave. 815-817: $515,000, Elisabeth D. Tardo Underwood and Nicholas B. Underwood to Corlisa Matthews and Joshua Matthews.

S. Derbigny St. 2320-22-24: donation, no value stated, Wiat Holdings LLC to Irma Plummer.

Touro St. 2410-2412: $100,000, Dixon Investments #1 LLC to DNC Investments LLC.

Vision Drive 7: $350,000, Wanda Marie Nunnery Theard to City of New Orleans.

Wellington Drive 4329: $75,000, PCOF Properties LLC to Christopher Lee Kreis and Anjali Rani Kotian Kreis.

District 4

Baronne St. 2131: $533,000, Timothy D. Jones to Jared Richard Lawrie and Amanda Kathryn Chustz Lawrie.

Jackson Ave. 3222-3224: $42,000, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Leftfoot Construction LLC.

Josephine St. 742: donation, no value stated, Brenda A. Lebeau Jones to Gregory Jones.

Second St. 519-21: $325,000, R&R IV LLC to Monroe Street Rental LLC.

Second St. 900: $360,000, Damon Richard Motto to David Martin.

District 5

Alix St. 212; Bouny St. 440: $369,900, Joel Del Rosario and Rebecca Rouse Del Rosario to La Tyra Edmond Escamilla Lovato.

Behrman Highway 3020: $305,000, Latoya Polk McKeel, Lekisha Towner Crawford and others to Anne Rose Petit Fort Merozin, Denise Sterlin Petit Fort and Iliones Merozin.

Chelsea Drive 2919: $252,000, Robert W. Murphy and Mary Lynne Trosclair Murphy to Austin Johnson and Olivia Sage El.

Garden Lane 7: donation, no value stated, Robert L. Pettit Jr. to Alma Dearrigunaga Slatten Pettit.

S. Inwood Ave. 3901: $245,000, Charlotte Beasley Reasons and Errol Montgomery Bloom to Jamie Johnson and John Johnson Jr.

Seguin St. 316: $10, Kevin W. Harrell and Caroline Z. Harrell to William Curtis Appleby and Leonore Frances Heavey Appleby.

Southlawn Blvd. 1136: $159,000, Charlotte Huff Kelly to Jernice Q. Joseph.

District 6

Antonine St. 1121-23: $100, Gregory C. Ensslen to Perrier Properties LLC.

Audubon Blvd. 457: $100, Jason Shiloh Otis and Tricia Davis Otis to 457 Audubon LLC.

Austerlitz St. 923-925: $762,500, Franklin McKee III and Sarah Wallingford McKee to Gaslight Properties LLC.

Bordeaux St. 1632: $1,295,000, Sazerac Development LLC to Nathan G. Huntwork and Margaret Prat Huntwork.

Jefferson Ave. 3420: $845,000, Wesley John Cannon and Amanda Coccaro Cannon to Nathan M. Bolton and Kacy G. Bolton.

Patton St. 6300: $1,100,000, Dawn Taulbee Fowler and Hardy B. Fowler III to Neil William Fox and Stephanie Anna Lucas Fox.

Pine St. 2733: $275,000, Joel M. Colman to Anna Christine Sanford Melios and Christos Melios.

Pritchard Place 7014: $192,700, Gary Green Jr. and Youlanda Green to 7014 Pritchard Place LLC.

S. Saratoga St. 1232-34: $315,000, Residential Mortgage Aggregation Trust to Jonathan Alexander Easley and Michelle Martz Easley.

Upperline St. 1925-27: $725,000, Claudia Diane Scott to Donna Loughton Keenan.

Valence St. 1118: $100, Patrick G. Brennan and Katherine Sacca Brennan to Orazio Russo and Alyssa Sherman Russo.

Valence St. 1411, 1415-17: $1,050,000, Robert Bernard Mason to Winter Bluff LLC.

Walnut St. 123: $10, Charlotte Waguespack Allen, Patricia Waguespack Skinner and Stephanie Waguespack Haynes to Blanche Edge McCloskey.

W. Hubbell Road 109: $1,000,000, Alex Lee Turgeon and Meredith Ann Breaud Turgeon to Louisiana Central Credit Union.

District 7

Belfast St. 9303: $135,000, Sheila Miller to Steve Lewis Jr.

Bill St. 8550-52: $42,000, Floyd Patrick Smith to Feel Good Construction LLC.

Cherokee St. 732: $190,000, Gabriel A. Picone, Theresa S. Picone and Gabriel A. Picone revocable trust to Eugene Daniel Smith and Laura Elizabeth Doyle Smith.

Green St. 8726-28-30: $300,000, Eric Stephen Davis and Petra Vital Fontenot Davis to Zachary Bennett Scbnyder.

Haney Drive 7711-13: $220,000, C&C Pollard LLC to Derek O. Robinson Jr.

Mistletoe St. 3327: $269,000, Nigel McIntyre to Derek L. Kelly and Carol M. Hudak Kelly.

Short St. 2223: $675,000, South Louisiana Petroleum Co. LLC to Jacqueline Claire Gilly Bernardi and Linda Gilly Bernardi.

W. Adams Court 4807: donation, no value stated, Keoka Hilliard Anderson and Shuntel Pichon to Sylvia Hilliard.