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At the start of 2023, New Orleans was considered to have the highest murder rate of any large city in the country. 

The dramatic surge of murders left the city with 265 murders in 2022, more killings than any year since before Hurricane Katrina. While many other large cities saw a decrease in murders from the prior year, New Orleans was one of the few that did not.

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Whether the violent trend will continue in 2023 remains to be seen.

2023 murder map

The following map shows the location of every murder in New Orleans since the start of the year, as well as the total number in each of the official neighborhood boundaries recognized by city officials.

The accompanying chart compares the total number of killings in 2023 with other recent years.

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Times-Picayune graphic. Source: New Orleans Police Department
Locations are approximate based on NOPD data.

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Cumulative murders by day

Times-Picayune graphic. Source: New Orleans Police Department

These interactive components will be updated at least weekly with the latest information.

More about our data

The data for the map and chart was compiled by The Times-Picayune staff based on reports from the New Orleans Police Department and the Orleans Parish Coroner's Office. 

These graphics track victims of murder and manslaughter in New Orleans, which are defined as intentional and unjustified killings.

While this conforms with the statistics tracked by law enforcement, other media outlets and groups often use different definitions when tracking killings. Their total sometimes is for homicides, which is a bigger number because it includes those killed in accidents or due to negligence and justified homicides, in addition to victims of murder and manslaughter.

As a result, other organizations may show a higher number of homicides than the number of murders counted here.