Carbon capture schematic

This graphic shows various methods for capturing carbon gas underground. The method being used by companies are permanent storage of the carbon gas in saline water, at the bottom of the diagram. 

Conversation in Louisiana surrounding carbon capture and storage is reaching a fever pitch as our state legislative session nears a close and the EPA’s open comment period on the administration of Class VI injection well primacy is underway. Louisianans are excited about what this innovative and transformative technology means and the jobs it will maintain and bring our great state.

As chairman of the Louisiana Senate Natural Resources Committee, it was exciting to see our committee unanimously advance Senate Resolution 123, memorializing the Legislature’s belief that our state’s army of scientists and energy professionals are up to the task at hand. And just this past week, the House passed its version, House Resolution 229, with overwhelming support. I’m excited to see the Senate take a similar stance.

Years of coordination with the EPA, over a decade of proactive legislative efforts here in Baton Rouge and investments committed from the energy sector have led Louisiana to where we are today: on the brink of finally receiving the necessary permissions to advance CCS projects that will not only maintain our $54 billion energy sector for years to come, but introduce new jobs and economic opportunity in my home of Vermilion Parish and beyond.



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