Furman Clemson Football

Clemson Tigers defensive tackle Bryan Bresee (11) looks on during warm ups before an NCAA college football game against the Furman Paladins in Clemson, S.C., Saturday, Sept. 10, 2022. (AP Photo/Jacob Kupferman)

The New Orleans Saints wrapped up the 2023 draft last week, adding seven players.

The Saints selected Clemson defensive tackle Bryan Bresee, Notre Dame defensive end Isaiah Foskey, TCU running back Kendre Miller, Old Dominion offensive tackle Nick Saldiveri, Fresno State quarterback Jake Haener, Minnesota safety Jordan Howden and Wake Forest wide receiver A.T. Perry in the draft.

In addition, the team signed several undrafted free agents to its roster ahead of rookie minicamp beginning on Friday.

We decided to gather at the roundtable once again to weigh in on the draft and this rookie class. Here's the first topic.

What grade would you give the Saints on this draft?

Jeff Duncan: This feels like a solid “B.” I don’t see any superstars in this group, but the Saints addressed some important needs with a look toward the future at certain positions. They had to come out of this draft with some pass-rush help, and I think they got it in Bryan Bresee and Isaiah Foskey. I wasn’t that familiar with running back Kendre Miller, but the more I research him on film, the more impressed I am with his talent. He looks like a third-round steal.

Luke Johnson: This class deserves an “A,” and anyone who says otherwise needs to present their grading criteria. Going into this draft, just about anybody who is anybody said the biggest issue on the Saints roster was along the defensive line. A lot of people wanted to see them add another running back and another pass-catcher, while also bracing for the future at guard, quarterback and safety. Well, the Saints hit the biggest needs with their first-, second- and third-round picks, then addressed everything else with all of the other picks — and the only future asset they gave up was a 2024 fourth-rounder. And I don’t have any qualms with any players they drafted (though there were some I liked better than fifth-rounder Jordan Howden). This was a win all the way around.

Terrin Waack: Guess I don’t have to fight my beat partner, Luke, on this one. I, too, give the Saints an “A” for their draft class. They went into the draft saying there weren’t any must-have positions, only wants. Well, they got what they wanted. Basically all of what they wanted. New Orleans deepened its depth on both offense and defense. The best part? Somehow, some way, the Saints didn’t have to sacrifice any major future assets. The only loss was a 2024 fourth-round pick. Big whoop.

Rod Walker: Luke may not like this, but I’m giving the Saints a “B” here. Yes, I know I’m nitpicking a bit. For the most part, the Saints checked all the boxes they needed, starting with what they did with their first two picks to improve on the defensive line. However, the Saints didn’t address their need at tight end, which became an even bigger concern when they traded Adam Trautman to Sean Payton’s Denver Broncos. The Saints are extremely thin at tight end and had a chance to add one in a draft that was strong at the position. They didn’t, so I am docking a few points for that. Also, Bryan Bresee’s injuries in college were enough to keep me from giving this class an “A.” If he stays healthy, though, this class does have a chance to be special.

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