Below is a compilation of properties sold in Orleans Parish from May 29 to June 2, 2023. Data is compiled from public records.

New Orleans

Transfers for May 29 to June 2


Annunciation St. 1011, 1013, 1049, Poeyfarre St. 920, Unit 411: $349,000, Jennifer Gibbs to Deborah Williams and Elizabeth Crane Williams.

Carondelet St. 636: $1,350,000, HP 636 Carondelet LLC to Castle H. 636 LLC.

Melpomene St. 1126: $839,000, 1126 Melpomene St. LLC to Harry Estile Yerkes IV and Kimber Lewis Yerkes.

Palmyra St. 4716: $436,000, Vivienne Elaine Garvey to Ilse Pamela Alonso Vazquez and Julio Sebastian Figueroa Cofre.

St. Charles Ave. 1205, Unit 215: $219,850, Thomas A. Wooderson to Douglas William Ruby and Ysonde Katrina Boland.

S. Clark St. 308-10: $495,000, John Paul Miller and Mary Laborde Miller to Louisiana Purchase 495 LLC.

S. Cortez St. 617½: donation, no value stated, Andrew B. Lajaunie to Kathleen McConnell Lajaunie.

Tulane Ave. 1111, Units 722, 723: $713,001, CBT Investors LLC to LA Purchase 2.0 LLC.

Tulane Ave. 1111, Units 604, 606: $555,277, CBT Investors LLC to Ron Rosenberg.

Tulane Ave. 1111, Units 622, 623: $713,001, CBT Investors LLC to LA Purchase 3.0 LLC.


Bienville St. 411, Unit 403: no value stated, Eugene C. Blackard and Michele Forest Blackard to S&G Nola LLC.

Canal St. 2331; N. Tonti St. 116: $725,000, Billy and Cindy LLC to CLC Capital Group LLC.

Catina St. 6155: $10, Andrew Levine to Stacey Catherine Lagraize.

Dauphine St. 1127, Unit 202: $10 and all good and valuable consideration, Kelley Kline Miller and Paul C. Miller to 1127 Dauphine LLC.

Dumaine St. 2501: $340,000, NORF 2 Dumaine LLC to Brandon Duncan Walker.

N. Genois St. 215: $680,000, Crystal Phuong Le and Ryan Scott Satovsky to David L. Shepard and Lesley Ann Lucas.

N. Miro St. 221; $100, Michele Burns and Robert Edward Burns to Detmias Holdings LLC.

N. Miro St. 221; $550,000, Detmias Holdings LLC to Veronica Case.

N. White St. 824: $305,000, Stanley A. Williams Jr. to Caroline Hamilton Child, Cleland Gardner Child and Susan Connall Child.

Royal St. 314-316, Exchange Alley 315: $2,500,000, 316 Royal LLC to Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights LLC.

Hidalgo St. 922: $554,900, Courtney Marie Lee Landry and Joseph Zachary Landry to Elizabeth Sander Hayes and John C. Holtrop.

Iberville St. 2235: $150,000, Percy L. Gibson to Lori Sue Montry and Ronald E. Johnson Jr.

Iberville St. 3509: $650,000, Nathan J. Markward to Alexander R. Saunders and Kristy Strand Saunders.

Milne Blvd. 6925: $255,000, Lindsey Williams Willis and Ryan Fortier Willis to 6925 Milne Boulevard LLC.

Moss St. 1354: $100, 1704 Bayou LLC and Advanta Ira Services LLC to Stephen P. Bergeron.

N. St. Patrick St. 601: $597,500, Richard B. Olivier and Tanya Toledano Olivier to Robert Lyle Castro and Laura Catherine Rachal

Orleans Ave. 1000; $315,000, Mark G. McKenzie and Pamela Davis McKenzie to Kelly Elizabeth Farnon.

Orleans Ave. 4530: $265,000, Kevin Joseph Bergeron Estate to Kelly Snyder.

Roger Drive 10720: $250,000, AJC LLC to Darrin Smith Jr. and Erica Gomez.

Royal St. 936-940, Unit A: $202,100, Hale Properties LLC to Starburst Properties No 1 LLC.

Royal St. 1228, Unit 7: $315,000, Royal Rosary LLC to Jason Will Michaelis and Chasta Lynn Michaelis.

St. Peter St. 1030: $350,000, Succession of Richard Joseph Troyer to William R. Lilly.

W. End Blvd. 7415: $100, Barbara Cina Reason and Frank J. Cina Jr. to CKCC Bell LLC.


Alabo St. 2442: $150,000, Succession of Selma Ramsey Stansberry to Troy Tumer Gibson.

Allen St. 2415-17: $175,000, 1st Maat Properties LLC to Christina D. Andrews.

Allen St. 4727: $42,100, City of New Orleans to Ezare LLC.

Arthur Drive 4627: $60,000, PCOF Properties LLC to E Lara LLC.

Boston Drive 6920: $14,100, City of New Orleans to Barker Investors.

Branch St. 7671: $217,000, Jerome Williams and Wanda Johnson Williams to Tashi Kale Willis.

Burgundy St. 5814: $225,000, Stephanie Leigh Stromath to Lenore Tice.

Campus Blvd. 5725: $201,500, Gregory J. Williams to Donneisha Keelen.

Cerise Ave. 4550: $140,000, Velda A. Argeyo to Damion Shields.

Chamberlain Drive 5726: $525,000, Elizabeth Ann Schott Rodrigue to Christopher Leavey and Jamie Leavey.

Chartres St. 1414: $680,000, Alicia Gibson Heiskell, Wesley Don Heiskell, Grant T. Gibsonand  Jonathan Gibson to 1414 Chartres LLC.

Congress Drive 4558: $182,000, Anika Conerly Shaw to Olivia Ann Richardson.

Congress St. 715-717: $445,000, Randall J. Laumann to Keyatta Orlena.

Cove Drive 7100: $12,404, City of New Orleans to Barker Investors.

Deers St. 2629-31: $38,000, Angelena Angeletti Severin, Chris Michael Severin, Donna Marie Severin Aubert, Ireland Ann Severin Tuckerson, Joseph Jones and others to 3AS Quality Properties & Investments LLC.

Luke Court 7709: $24,500, SJN Part LLC to Kenneth Joseph Smith Sr.

Eads St. 6421: $339,000, Armelle A. Honkou to Jerome R. Bellmore Separate Property revocable trust and Tristan D. McNay.

Feliciana St. 1214: $97,500, Bryant M. Lawrence Sr., Darryl Robert Lawrence Jr., Dwayne J. Lawrence, Jasmin C. Lawrence Handy, Keith A. Lawrence Sr. and Patricia Wright Lawrence to Geaux Coastal Investments LLC.

Flood St. 1330: $159,900, JCG Investments LLC to Eduardo Blandimiro Gomez Gomez and Marlin Lisbeth Fuentes Gomez.

Flood St. 917: $21,200, City of New Orleans to Gregory White.

Flood St. 2224-24½: $15,000, Brooke Barard, Donald W. Barard Sr. and Peggy Fulford to Dynasty Design and Development LLC.

Frenchmen St. 4628: $220,000, Brandon Scott and Kristin Swanson Scott to Ushma Bhandary.

Gentilly Blvd. 3028-3030: $100, I.C.A. Okpalobi Ltd. to Rose Okpalobi.

Gordon Place Drive 80: $370,000, Marilyn Amar Hemphill to City of New Orleans.

Gordon Plaza Drive 1: $330,000, Charlene Branch Williams to City of New Orleans.

Huntington Park Drive 8511: $232,500, Patria A. Alvarez to Princess M. Thomas.

Jonquil St. 2735: $45,200, City of New Orleans to 2739 Jonquil LLC.

Kensington Blvd. 5841: $320,000, Aida B. Mohamad Sulieman and Bader Y. Sulieman to Shawn Forbes.

Louis Prima Drive West 5779: $212,000, Tpn Realty LLC to Joanasha Shorts and Justin Marcus Wells.

Marcus Christian Circle 2: $330,000, Reginald James Arceneaux Jr. to City of New Orleans.

Music St. 5523: $245,000, Joseph L. Garcia Jr. to Joseph Neary and Terri Smith.

N. Rampart St. 2922; $330,000, Christopher Chris Coty, Lynda White Cowgill and Patricia Patty Cummings to Martin E. Sprowles and Shannon M. Brandon.

N. Robertson St. 1450: $305,000, C&F Investment Group LLC to Ebony S. London and Jamaal A. London.

N. Rocheblave St. 2601-03: $95,000, Chanta Jackson Brown, Jasma Sawyer, Joshua Benjamin Jackson, Lakisha Grant and Mikeria Everidge to CT3 Properties LLC.

N. Roman St. 4017: $95,000, Succession of Christopher J. Ryan to Karen Castaneda.

N. Villere St. 2123-25: $390,000, Jeffrey Key and Matthew D. Key to Anne Elizabeth Maduzia.

Parry St. 7850: $19,200, City of New Orleans to Ezare LLC.

Pauline Drive 6308: $211,500, St. Bernard Project Inc. to Valen Tracie.

Pauline St. 1928: $31,100, City of New Orleans to D&E Shaw LLC.

Pauline St. 2126: $25,300, City of New Orleans to MGA Builders LLC.

Piety St. 2838: $12,251.50, City of New Orleans to Barker Investors.

Piety St. 2946: $12,750.50, City of New Orleans to Barker Investors.

Poitevent Ave. 7515: $12,544, City of New Orleans to Barker Investors.

Ponce De Leon St. 3048: $440,000, David R. Crosslin and Inez N. Bernie to Lynn S. Garson Goodman.

Press Drive 5601: $51,900, City of New Orleans to Stewart Development Group LLC.

Pressburg St. 10703: $12,960, City of New Orleans to Jermaine McGee.

Read Road 4611: $272,000, Evolve Investment Group LLC to Racquel White Arceneaux

Sevres St. 13053: $13,751, City of New Orleans to Pams 3 Inc.

Shubrick Ave. 7340: $162,000, Janice Davis Lee and McAllister Lee to Sahdiamond Dinay Lee.

St. Anthony Ave. 4410: $241,000, Donald Mallet and Simone Lewis Mallet to Angenette Nicholle Van Lieu Munos Jackman and Patrick Woodall Jackman.

St. Maurice Ave. 711: $315,000, Dedicated Lanes LLC to Kimberly Juan Parker.

Urquhart St. 6123: $19,700, City of New Orleans to Aglet L3C.

Venice Blvd. 7830: donation, no value stated, Rodney J. Fobbs to Elizabeth Fobbs and Raven Fobbs.

Vision Drive 1: $365,000, Charlene Branch Williams to City of New Orleans.

Warrington Drive 5326: $270,000, Brandon James Harper Sr. to Donald Dowl Jr. and Ireona Foley Dowl.

Wisteria St. 2313: $351,000, Allison Joe Reybold Sickle and Andrew Nicholas Mehlhorn to Heather Williamson.

Zeno Place 5302: $399,000, Palesa LLC to Christine Thuy Phuong Trinh Tran and Duc Minh Lai.


Carondelet St. 2629: donation, no value stated, Gabriela L. Bernardez to Ashley G. Lambert Dolmo.

Danneel St. 2024-2026: no value stated, District Properties LLC to Josephine St. Andrew LLC.

Freret St. 2519: $249,000, Factory Built Owners of America to Emily Jane Engel.

Philip St. 615-617: $639,000, Christine Cromer Meerman to Damon Richard Motto and Sara Michelle Kiehne.

Philip St. 735-737: $520,500, Ashleigh Kilburn Hite Smith to Jennifer Marie Zinter and Mark Austin Zinter.

Second St. 833: $369,000, Michael Dubois to Alexis Elliott.

Seminole Place 2310: $25,100, City of New Orleans to Stewart Development Group LLC.


Behrman Highway 1260101: $52,100, City of New Orleans to M. Gallery Collections LLC.

Belleville St. 240: donation, no value stated, Richard D. Curtin to Jerome F. Hughes.

Belleville St. 830-832; Belleville St. 832: $320,000, Anitress Jahnae Vaughn to Stephen B. Smith.

Bryson St. 8466001: $6,255, City of New Orleans to Tilton Properties LLC.

Bryson St. 8468001: $6,430, City of New Orleans to Tilton Properties LLC.

Ellen Park Place 2101: $159,000, Andrew P. Wilson Jr. to Cicely U. Segura.

Elmira Ave. 837: $337,000, Tomecia Nichole Weaver to Ann Marie Sanders.

English Turn Drive 113: $662,000, Hermon Asmerom Berhane and Tedros Berhane to Thuy Cung and Thuy Nguyen.

Gen. Collins Ave. 1719: $88,000, Jorge L. Chao to Tiffany Schneider Monier.

Hart St. 937401: $23,100, City of New Orleans to Evelyn B. Faraone and Richard Faraone.

Holiday Drive 2534: $315,000, Jumaniet Investments LLC to Franda Jeanine Thomas Robinson.

Homer St. 437-39: $459,000, 437 Homer Street LLC to Alex Turgeon and Meredith Breaud.

Isis Place 1264101: $45,122, City of New Orleans to Barker Investors.

Oliver St. 8537001: $9,435.50, City of New Orleans to Victor Cangelosi.

Park Timbers Drive 4: $225,000, Harold P. Moore to Altrice Taylor Singleton and Herbert Singleton III.

Paul St. 8478001: $4,987, City of New Orleans to Tilton Properties LLC.

Richland Road 1428: $115,000,Succession of Ronald J. Leblanc to Teresa Bruley Vernon.

Socrates St. 1304: $21,100, City of New Orleans to 1302 Ptolemy LLC.


Annunciation St. 4427: $665,000, Aimee Ambrose Hammond and Christopher D. Hammond to Anthony Noto.

Arabella St. 1136: $100, Beth Davenport Mazur and Hope K. Davenport revocable trust to Katherine Saer Duncan.

Audubon St. 111: $790,000, Barbara Belcher Dubret to Cameron Blair Pyne and Tina Pyne.

Calhoun St. 3508: $200,000, Fifi Hilary Stead Parsons to Jessica Catherine Otis.

Camp St. 4500: $1,060,000, Merlis Investments LLC to MacKenzie Hines Houin and Tyler Houin.

Elba St. 4320: $36,343.07, Anna Lebouff, Anna Pasyuk Ligier and Joseph D. Ligier to Kyle Mason Murray and Peyton Percle Murray.

Henry Clay Ave. 400-02: $1, Gail Marie Baptiste to Gail Marie Baptiste Trust.

Henry Clay Ave. 1131: $1,725,000, Momeek LLC to George Daniel Clark Jr.

Jena St. 1217: $100, Mary K. Harvill Goodman to Lisa A. Schlesinger Herman.

Jena St. 4222-24: donation, no value stated, Timothy James Nielsen to Catherine Sloan Nielsen.

Lowerline St. 535: donation, no value stated, Sandra S. Pershing to Sandra S. Pershing revocable trust.

Nashville Ave. 3435: $398,000, Dayalan A. Sonaram and Tiffany Johnson Sonaram to Deborah Barbuto Saiontz, Peyton C. Saiontz and Ryan M. Saiontz.

Olive St. 7011: $22,100, City of New Orleans to Register Hodings LLC

Palmer Ave. 2220: $1,175,000, Branka Grabrijan De Franco and Gaetano G. De Franco to Frederic Gilles Sourgens and Jeanne Vosberg Sourgens.

Patton St. 6060: $1,300,000, Monique Breaux Gallant and Taylor Gallant to Clayton Crum Harkness and Spencer Owen Harkness.

Prytania St. 5333: donation, no value stated, Cornel Dobrescu to Ana Maria C. Dobrescu.

S. Galvez St. 4500: $500,000, Carol Anne Cutshall Jordan to Cameron C. Smith and Gretchen Wilfong Smith.

Tchoupitoulas St. 5009: $190,000, Arthur J. Gutierrez and Dorothy Coll Gutierrez to Alexander Anis Abbyad and Leslie Ilana Silverstein.

Vincennes Place 3344: $410,000, Emily Lewis Hill and Kyle Adam Hill to Heather L. McLellan.


Benjamin St. 7522: $110,000, Chunhui Li to Daniel Lorber.

Cherokee St. 248: $185,000, Dorothy Straight Jackson, Mason Calvin Jackson Jr. and Matthew Earl Jackson to Joseph A. Frisard Jr.

Dante St. 2824: $420,000, Mary Katherine Pieklo Lacaze Lacase to Christopher R. Shepherd.

Gen. Ogden St. 2817-19; $90,000, Cornelius Wells and Lena Mae Smith Wells to Micaza Contractor LLC.

Green St. 9007: $320,000, Sonny Ln LLC to Jennifer Lynn Barker and Michael J. Barker.

Hamilton St. 3213: $21,200, City of New Orleans to KWC Construction LLC.

Lake Marina Drive 300: $650,000, Succession of Marion Schexnayder Bruno to Cynthia Guidry.

Oak Tree Drive 126: $650,000, Christopher M. Rittiner Jr.and Nicole S. Rittiner to SJG Rentals LLC.

Oleander St. 9220: $17,300, City of New Orleans to Register Hodings LLC

Olive St. 8720-22: $385,000, Galit Construction LLC to Alicia Armstrong Fosselman and Zachery Fosselman.

Palm St. 8800: $21,100, City of New Orleans to Luke Corp.

S. Carrollton Ave. 920: $320,000, PMR Properties LLC to Fiona Helene Peden.

Sycamore Place 8418: $585,000, Kacy Godso Bolton and Nathan Michael Bolton to Katherine Simpson Smith and Rien Thomas Fertel.

Sylvia Drive 5880: $623,000, Mansukh S. Saini and Tejal Patel to Alga Benjamin Crowe and Cathy Rodgers Fletchinger.