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Whether you’ve lived in Louisiana your whole life or you’ve been here for a short time, you may have questions — Louisiana-specific questions.

Curious Louisiana connects readers with our newsroom's reporting. If you've got a question about something Louisiana-centric, ask us. 

This community-driven reporting project connects readers with the answers they’re seeking about the Pelican State.

We will select a submitted question each week and have one of our reporters find the answer. If you asked the question, we will connect with you and keep you updated along the way as we dig deeper into Louisiana's oddities. 

We hope to answer questions like:

  • Are salt domes in Louisiana really used to store oil reserves?
  • Do they really not have sorority houses in New Orleans because of brothel laws?
  • Why is the pelican in the state flag bleeding?
  • Are reptiles outlawed from Mardi Gras parades? Why?
  • Is there really a bullet hole in a marble column in the State Capitol that was caused during the assassination of Huey Long?

We’re on a mission to answer the things about this state that have you stumped. Submit your questions below. Send us your question, your name, email address, phone number and town. Can't see the form below? Click here.