Sold Home For Sale Sign and New House (copy)


Transfers for May 16-22 


ABITA SPRINGS TERRACE SUBDIVISION, LOT 101, SQUARE 17: $299,900, Hallmark Homes Inc. to Raymond J. O'Donoghue and Amy L. O'Donoghue.

DANNY PARK DRIVE 72047: $235,000, Brian Mahon to Christopher Allen Archer.

DUNDEE LOOP 3005: $190,000, Susan Johnson Nicodemus to Andrew J. McIntyre.


NEAR ABITA SPRINGS, PORTION OF GROUND: $250,000, Tim D. Sanchez to John L. Clark and Jennifer W. Clark.

SIOUX DRIVE 370: $285,000, James Longest Fogg III to Steven F. Phillips.


AVENUE DES MARQUIS 1400: $559,000, April P. Harris to Karen B. Lecluyse and Charles L. Lecluyse Jr. revocable living trust.

BEEBALM CIRCLE 444: donation, no value stated, Clinton J. Helmke to Anne Delery Helmke.

CODY LANE 16102: $30,000, Jo Frances McCoy and Elizabeth Ann McCoy to Casto Efrain Calix Padilla and Milagros O. Calix.

CONTINENTAL DRIVE 1641: $389,900, Coast Builders LLC to Laurence E. Best revocable trust.

COVINGTON COTTAGE LANE 284: $260,415, DSLD Homes LLC to Jacob T. Hammant and Olivia C. Gunter Hammant.

COVINGTON COTTAGE LANE 289: $261,560, DSLD Homes LLC to Gabriela Maria Ojeda-Cevallos.

COVINGTON COTTAGE LANE 292: $253,275, DSLD Homes LLC to Charlotte S. Hood.

COVINGTON COTTAGE LANE 297: $257,020, DSLD Homes LLC to Harry C. Baung.

COVINGTON COTTAGE LANE 308: $271,460, DSLD Homes LLC to Wuendy Y. Abi Assali Lopez.

COVINGTON MEADOWS CIRCLE 104, UNIT L: $151,000, Covington Meadows 104 LLC to Homeward Property LLC.

CYPRESS POINT DRIVE 4000: $84,000, Jody G. Lefort to Yar Construction Co. Inc.

DELTA QUEEN COURT 529: $780,000, Jeffrey G. Taylor and Pamela M. Taylor to Mark J. Ogier and Elizabeth D. Ogier.

GABRIEL DRIVE 2090: $379,710, DSLD Homes LLC to Daniel R. Gitlin and Katherine E. Gitlin.

GARLAND SUBDIVISION, LOT 5: $10,000, John H. David to Dominic S. Luke and JoEllen K. Luke.

GLEN LOOP 34: $200,000, Mary Ann Bryan Barton to Demelo Investments LLC.

LA. 40 19591: donation, no value stated, Rose Mary Brown Knight to Debby Sue Dillon Knight.

JARDIN LOOP 332: $567,413, Garden Walk LLC to Babs G. Mayerhafer.

MAGNOLIA MOUND AVE. 144: donation, no value stated, Bill A. Gibeaut and Sherry Lynn Gibeaut to Bill A. Gibeaut and Sherry Lynn Gibeaut Trust.

MEMPHIS TRACE 341: $820,000, Cristen L. Walley to Terri L. Abney.

N. THEARD ST. 320: $280,000, Stephen J. Rusbar, Patricia Fontova Rusbar and Keith J. Villere to 320 North Theard Street LLC.

NEAR COVINGTON, PORTION OF GROUND: $45,000, Sherry Blades and Juliette P. Griffith to Jose Abel Cosme and Ingris E. Rios.

PALM BLVD. 20056: $200,000, David W. Qualkenbush and Larita A. Qualkenbush to Lindsey A. Desilvey.

PARTRIDGE ST. 243: $351,163, Raleigh Brunet Builder LLC to Victor J. Groomer.

PENN MILL LAKES SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2A3, LOT 436: $205,000, Christopher J. Lamy to Steele Development LLC.

PENN MILL ROAD 73318: $267,500, Shayne C. Vanbenschoten to Steven Diggs and Lacey Diggs.

PHEASANT LANE 18063: $410,000, Raeann Marie Sarsfield to Matthew Laskowski and Marta Urbanek Laskowski.

PRESTWOOD LANE 2017: $415,000, Andy Phuc Duong and Angie Mar to Amir Rekic and Rachel Renee Rekic.

RIVER FOREST SUBDIVISION, LOT 11, SQUARE 15: $310,000, Don Allen Pilgrim and Karen Mullenax Pilgrim to Thomas Brown Jr.

RUE CHAMONIX 925: $434,531, GT General Contractors LLC to Staci K. Arceneaux.

SAW GRASS LOOP 255: $332,774, Antonio Angel Martinez to Speedy Home Solutions LLC.

ST. ANN ST. 21086: $230,000, Adair Holdings LLC to Mishael A. Agee Sr. and Perla Fiscal.

VILLAGE DES BOIS 3: $152,667, Kristopher Halvorson and Angela Kinderman to Ryan Halvorson.

VILLAGE OF COVINGTON SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1A, LOT 136: $360,000, Jacquelyn Stanga Romano to Lisa M. Romano.


BIENVILLE ROAD 507: $360,000, Ray B. Willie Jr. to Russell P. Bolotte and Edna D. M. Bolotte.

BOOTH ROAD 78186: $280,000, Alex O. Desonier and Micah R. Desonier to Tracy A. Jeandron and Debra J. Jeandron Family Trust.

NEAR FOLSOM, PORTION OF GROUND: $630,000, Cloghroe Farms LLC to Larry E. Aleman Jr. and Kelli M. Aleman.

NEAR FOLSOM, PORTION OF GROUND: $389,000, Todd L. Spell to John P. Caire III and Sarah Pace Caire.

NEAR FOLSOM, PORTION OF GROUND: $575,850, Cloghroe Farms LLC to James A. Hughes and Margaret E. Crow Hughes.

SHARP ROAD 77236: $8,000, Leroy Fairburn and Patricia P. Sharp Fairburn to James R. Sharp.

SPRING RIVER PARK SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1, LOT 1: $20,000, Salvador M. Brocato III and Lisa C. Brocato to Freddie Ross.


ALEXANDER SUBDIVISION, LOT 24: $52,000, Succession of Elizabeth Lafrance Salles to Jason S. Meehan and Ayme Mogle Meehan.

EUNIO WAY 30544: $297,770, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Trevor C. Creel and Terri Creel.

FOREST GLEN SUBDIVISION, LOTS 10, 11, 12, SQUARE 30: $155,000, Succession of Steven R. Buoch to Ronald R. Barden Jr. and Alexis Hannan Barden.

LACOMBE HARBOR SUBDIVISION, LOT 27, SQUARE 4: $722,635, Leonard F. Schmidt III and Cynthia Phillips Schmidt to Don M. Singletary and Stacie Lambert Singletary.

MIMOSA PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 16: $10,000, donation, Sidney A. Carlini and Sylvia M. Carlini Calico to Carlego & Associates LLC.

N. PONTCHARTRAIN DRIVE 61150: $32,000, Patricia Gail Barrios to Andres O. Alvarado and Virginia Jahuey-Ramirez.

SANDERS ROAD 28169: $157,398, Joseph F. Toranto III and Stacy L. Toranto to Kenneth A. Leveque.

THURSTON DRIVE 30904: $272,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Kevin A. Rivers and Kristen L. Nicolosi.

THURSTON DRIVE 30912: $266,510, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to John M. Koonz and Vera Zholondz.

VELA LANE 27447: $227,500, Bryan C. Snell to Carlos A. Heredia and Desirae Y. Deronde.

WASHINGTON STREET, LOTS 10-12, SQUARE 177: $27,000 and other good and valuable consideration, Gregory A. St. Julien Sr., Andrea M. Baquet and Trudy B. St. Julien to Evan C. Shubert.


BREWSTER ROAD 741: $325,000, Tisere A. Thomas to Barbara Orand Aslesen.

BURKHARDT LANE 100: $1,180,000, Byron Burkhardt and Melissa K. Burkhardt to Yettie S. Reis.

COQUILLE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 3B, LOT 100: $693,000, Warshauer Construction Co. LLC to David Vazquez and Patricia L. M. Vazquez.

CYPRESS CROSSING DRIVE 1137: $445,000, Parker N. Ellis and Ashley S. Ellis to Tennille McGee Parris.

HESTER ST. 28: $268,500, Brandi E. Tregre to Joshua A. Koepp.

HESTER ST. 6: $235,000, Jason P. Church to Josh W. Hall.

LA. 1077 113: $190,000, Mantz C. Sussky and Valarie O. Sussky to Blake Barousse and Natalie Barousse.

LES BOIS SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1, LOT 27: $559,000, Frank J. George and Kathleen K. George to Francis Sassone and Sally Perry.

MAIN ST. 904: $1,150,000, Gary N. Boutwell II and Dana Land Boutwell to Richard Scott Bermudez and Gladys A. Izaguirre.

NANTERRE COURT 10001: $288,000, Patrick S. Stephens and Angelia Carson Stephens to Clarence J. Lorio and Karen Mire Lorio.

NEAR MADISONVILLE, LOT 1: $239,000, Andrea F. Harry Pesses to Paige Ferina.

NEAR MADISONVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $341,750, Harold A. Lewis and Helen Lewis to Summer Hill Holdings LLC.

SECLUDED GROVE LOOP 445: donation, no value stated, Charles B. Johnson and Diane C. Johnson to Charles Johnson and Diane Johnson Trust.

STRAWBERRY LANE 509: $432,500, Jason S. Meehan, Gwendolyn F. Meehan and Ayme M. Meehan to Cary A. Fischer and Jeannette Gonsoulin Fischer.

TIMBERLANE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2, LOT 93: $359,000, John J. Esneault, Dana M. Esneault and others to Andrew M. Franzella and Lauren M. Franzella.

WAGER CEMETARY ROAD 110: $190,000, Barbara Perry Thompson to Shaun M. Siverd and Megan B. Siverd.


BEAU CHENE DRIVE 825: donation, no value stated, Paul J. Angelle and Susan Talbot Angelle to Angelle Family Living Trust.

CARIBBEAN COURT 18: $167,000, Angel Cheramie to Marissa Angel Roscom Hawkins.

CATALPA LANE 113: $349,000, Jennifer G. Breaud to James W. Carrington Jr.

GISELLE DRIVE 22087: $274,755, DSLD Homes LLC to Blake H. Tumminello.

GISELLE DRIVE 22095: $276,315, DSLD Homes LLC to Kannan Toan Dang and Thi Thuy Vo.

GREENSBURG SUBDIVISION, LOT 13: $25,000, Barry L. Kelly to Mark & Kasey LLC.

HILL COURT 3048: $460,000, Armand R. Pitre Jr. and Sherri Brunet Pitre to Scott D. Entrekin and Rebekah C. Entrekin.

JACQUELINE COURT 9, UNIT 9: donation, no value stated, Pauline Stauss to Susan P. Stauss.

LIVE OAK LOOP 1057: $283,000, Monique Marie Koll to Jean Paul Guidry and Amy Fairbank Guidry.

MESA COURT 2837: $435,000, Scott Douglas Entrekin and Rebekah Constant Entrekin to Jessica Golman, Craig A. Ponamsky and Paul G. Ponamsky.

NEAR MANDEVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Aimee Favrot Bell to Michael J. Bell.

OLD MANDEVILLE LANE 1765: donation, no value stated, Joshua Chislak, Christopher Dalton and Holly Dalton Sohmer to Stephen A. Chislak.

PARKVIEW BLVD. 406: $175,000, Ava Faulkner Neelis to Mark N. Bodin and Linda D. R. Bodin.

PRESERVE LANE 12: $250,000, Yettie Schulthess Reis to Byron Burkhardt and Melissa K. Burkhardt.

RAPATEL ST. 801: $225,000, Linda Wallace Cote to Matthew W. Stegen.

RIDGE COURT 2113: $479,900, Annod LLC to Daniel B. Caldwell and Jenni L. Caldwell.

ROSEDOWN WAY 101: $452,000, Marianne Woolner Westbrook and Mary Rita Smith to Vincent J. Vargas and Michelle O. Culp.

S. STRAIN ROAD 67361: $313,000, Kim Dauzat to Joseph J. Incandela II and Rebecca Ann Incandela.

SOULT ST. 2366: $286,550, Stacy Lynn Fernandez Rodrigue to Merikay Long Havrilla.

THRUSH DRIVE 1020: $545,000, Marilyn A. Breaux to Lawrence J. Genin and Martha Jean Meaux Genin.

W. RIDGE DRIVE 2178: $374,000, Monica Fontenot Autin to Jordan M. Salles and Kelsie Vermilyea Salles.

WESTWOOD DRIVE 228: $450,000, Ryan P. O'Donnell and Julie Price O'Donnell to Marc Lewis and Shannon Geneway Lewis.


CUTTER CIRCLE 501: donation, no value stated, Succession of Rebecca Marie Peralla to Ronald J. Blanchard.

EVERGREEN COURT 205: $360,000, Blaine S. Pennington and Savannah M. Pennington to Shane A. Billings and Megan Marie Billings.

LA. 1090 62215: donation, no value stated, Michelle Pittman Stiegler to Matthew R. Stiegler.

LA. 41 70058: donation, no value stated, Stephanie Miley Roques to Christopher C. Marcussen and Cassandra L. Singletary.

LA. 41 73534: $17,575, Matthew M. Vinet and Michelle Vinet Klumpp to William J. Vinet.

MAGNOLIA RIDGE LOOP 65257: $390,000, Frank Ackles Jr. to Jason W. Livingston Jr.

N. THIRD ST. 62177: $9,200, CIM Reo 2021-NR2 LLC to April Hanley.


Near Sixth Ward, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Leo J. Rose III to Jennifer M. Rose and Alison R. Carlin.


ABNEY COUNTRY AIR SUBDIVISION, LOTS 23, 24, SQUARE D: $100, and other good and valuable consideration, Suzanne Phillips Kuhnle to Leah Lubin.

AYSHIRE COURT 104: $578,000, Southern Equity Contractors LLC to Steven J. Watson and Deborah Roberts Watson.

BARBADOS COURT 101: $925,000, John Borgschulte 2021 Trust to Manuel Mitten Jr.

BEN GIORDANO SUBDIVISION, LOT 25, SQUARE 2: $7,000, William J. Speer Jr. to Akhtar Inc.

BIRDIE DRIVE 71: $124,600, Henry P. Calamari and Kimberly S. Moore Calamari to Jasmine Penelton.

BRIARGROVE DRIVE 431: $180,000, Gina M. Wehner, Deborah G. M. Haney, Roy S. Mistretta Jr. and others to Thuy Thi Pham.

BROOKTER ST. 317: $223,000, Renato Carrasco Perez to Shernika Stalbert.

CEDARWOOD DRIVE 126: $275,000, Norman P. Johnson to Stacy A. Sprunk.

CLIPPER ISLAND ROAD 1425: $535,000, Prestige Realty of Louisiana LLC to Salvadore Randazzo Jr.

DIXIE CIRCLE 103: $221,000, Northshore Blueline Properties LLC to Anthony L. Sutton and Marilyn A. Porea-Sutton.

DOVE DRIVE 312: $387,500, Dwayne J. LeBlanc and Kristy M. Palermo LeBlanc to Edwin A. Mota and Heather B. Mota.

E. I-10 726: $700,000, Succession of Ralph R. Spilmann, Robin S. Zeringue, Robert J. Spilmann and others to Reitcoc Properties LLC.

E. LAKE DRIVE 305: $365,000, Timothy R. Woods and Deanna J. Woods to Cyril A. Davillier III.

E. MEADOW LAKE DRIVE 3142: $290,000, Douglas S. Webb and Learae D. Webb to J&B Slidell Investmetns LLC.

E. QUEENSBURY DRIVE 204: $400,000, Andrew C. Bell and Emily R. Anderson Bell to Joshua Dillon and Erin Dillon.

FLORENCE DRIVE 538: $480,000, Choon Hua Leng and Hua Houn Leng to Christopher B. Shivers and Ashante Shivers.

HAZELWOOD ST. 207: $240,000, Edwin E. L. Perdomo and Tatiana N. Lara to Jared M. Bazile.

HOLIDAY ACRES SUBDIVISION,LOT 22A: $375,000, John M. Vaughn and Erin Pittman Vaughn to Jeremy G. Mills and Charell D. Reynolds Mills.

LAKE FELICITY COURT 808: donation, no value stated, Stephanie Miller Ottofaro to Katherine Van Wie Miller.

LAKE VILLAGE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2, LOT 180: $195,000, Succession of E'Telca Lee Boyd Crawford to John S. Crawford.

LAKESHORE VILLAGES SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1B2, LOT 1032: $290,000, Payton M. Lange and Jourdan Earhart Lange to Brigette Frank.

MAINE AVE. 920: $175,000, FXG LLC to Kimberly Nicol Gross Strahan.

MARINERS COVE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1A, LOT 4: $50,000, Robert A. Murray and Maria Espinoza Murray to Michael Cerniglia.

MONACO DRIVE 1546: $220,000, Karen McClain Sharp to Catherine J. Davis.

N. CORBY DRIVE 167: donation, no value stated, Angela Sue Langston to Michael Edward Langston.

NEAR SLIDELL, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Patrick L. Pelayo to Shawn L. Pelayo.

NEAR SLIDELL, PORTION OF GROUND: $280,000, Benjamin M. Tharpe and Erica Morgan Tharpe to Alec R. Willard and Rachael L. Ramsey.

NORTHSHORE CIRCLE 110, UNIT B: $252,000, Jed P. Landry Sr. and Emma J. Brown Landry to Ryan Harris.

ROUSSET RIDGE DRIVE 3221: $301,230, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Reginald A. Lee and Eleanor E. Everett.

S. WALNUT ST. 1041: donation, no value stated, Ronald E. Grice, Peggy Grice and others to Deborah Kaye Grice.

SEVENTH ST. 1444: $202,500, Frederick A. Brink IV and Adrienne Pizza Brink to Lee R. Miller and Tina R. Miller.

SOUTHERN STAR ST. 214: donation, no value stated, Don R. Caruso to Cheryl Schlesinger Caruso.

ST. ANTHONY ST. 1168: $180,000, Geraldine Boucvalt Teed to Kamaria Allen.

ST. PETER ST. 4125: $117,000, Leron Hubert Simolke and succession of Jewel Grethel Simolke to Sandra Kay Aumann and Bradley S. Aumann.

ST. TAMMANY GARDENS SUBDIVISION, LOT 11, SQUARE K: $16,000, Dragonfly Enterprises Inc. to Daniel Madison Martin.

STERLING OAKS SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1B, LOT 92: $275,000, Billy B. Beasley to Jonathan Lindberg and Hollie Lindberg.

SUMMER PECAN ROAD 5225: $266,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Allen J. Banks Jr. and Ronquavias D. Banks.

TEDDY AVE. 841: donation, no value stated, Benjamin M. Tharpe and Erica M. Tharpe to Dawanna C. Tharpe.

TIDE WIND DRIVE 3415: $271,405, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Joseph C. Guidry and Beatrice Levy.

TOWN OF ALTON, LOT 2A, SQUARE 25: $19,422, Wanda F. Myers to Calenthia C. Honeycutt.

W. GAUSE BLVD. 1015: $150,000, Leonard L. Brown and Janice J. Brown to Travis O. Samford and Karrie Ann Hemphill Samford.

W. GAUSE BLVD. 1015: $155,000, Travis O. Samford and Karrie Ann Hemphill Samford to Alexis Griffs McElveen.

W. MEADOW LAKE DRIVE 3654: $312,000, Cheryl Ann Blain to J&B Slidell Investments LLC.

W. SUNCREST LOOP 408: $230,000, A. R. Peter Lafond to Jody A. Smith.

WAKE RESERVE ROAD 5424: $371,750, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Damon C. Williams and Monica M. Sinegar.

WAKE RESERVE ROAD 5456: $380,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Christopher W. Thompson and Jessica Lee Thompson.

WELLINGTON LANE 2152: $285,000, Jared Z. Bluford to Trenise Smothers.

WESTLAWN DRIVE 1353: $170,000, Trenise Smothers to Cindy Zhao.


CHARLES KELLY ROAD 82052: donation, no value stated, Perry Morlas and Abby Morlas to Dylan J. Morlas.

CHARLES KELLY ROAD 82052: $275,000, Gregory J. Phelps and Lauren Deveer Phelps to Perry Morlas and Abby Morlas.

LA. 40 20590: donation, no value stated, James D. Fauntleroy and Mario Paula D. Fauntleroy to Brenton J. Fauntleroy.

LA. 40 25146: $280,000, White Family irrevocable trust to Robert L. DeWitt Jr. and Rhonda Lovell DeWitt.

HUGHES ROAD 28108: $410,000, Sean M. Cathey and Jessica E. David to Denise I. Dejean.

NEAR BUSH, PORTION OF GROUND: $600, Danny A. Dutruch to Raymond C. Stermer and Lynette Stermer.

WATTS THOMAS ROAD 31169: $120,000, 21st Mortgage Corp. to Kevin C. Wylie and Karn Hicks Wylie.