New Orleans music is obviously globally renowned. But to make it onto an episode of "Jeopardy!" — and as an entire category? Now that's true fame. 

The category was "New New Orleans Music," and the answers to several of the questions will be blindingly obvious to most New Orleanians, even those who aren't musically inclined.

But some of the questions proved challenging for the show's contestants Wednesday night, who botched the pronunciation of two local musicians' names (one so badly that the question was considered incorrect), and needed two attempts to identify the city's biggest and most famous event. You know, the one that happens every year before Lent? 

Still, it's nice to be included, and the episode prompted ecstatic tweets from New Orleans stars Wendell Pierce, Jon Batiste and Flagboy Giz. 

So let's get to it: Would you beat the "Jeopardy!" contestants? 

In 2021 this New Orleans pianist won an Oscar and released a new album while keeping his day job as Stephen Colbert's bandleader. 

Who is Jon Batiste?

This New Orleans-set HBO series opened with the Rebirth Brass Band playing "Feel Like Funkin' It Up" during a second line.

What is Treme?

Trumpeter Chief Xian aTunde Adjuah sometimes plays with a tilted bell just like this musician before him. 

Who is Dizzy Gillespie?

Proudly from New Orleans, PJ Morton released a 2020 gospel album; he is also known for playing in this band with Adam Levine. 

What is Maroon 5?

To respect native people who aided runaway slaves, artists like Flagboy Giz wear beaded suits for this event — Feb. 21 in 2023. 

What is Mardi Gras?

Want to watch Wednesday's full "Jeopardy!" episode? Click here.