PEP-WHITE ULTRA Professional Home Teeth Whitening Kit + LED

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Fast Whitening

Important information


Not suitable for children.

Do not use if you are: pregnant, having serious gingival problems, or have had an oral operation lately.

The product only has an effect on teeth, instead of skin and any other organ. Do not swallow the gel. If you have teeth whitening gel on your skin or     clothes, rinse with water.

1. Clean the mouth tray and dry it, then gently brush your teeth with toothpaste and rinse with water. Move the battery's insulating piece away, and      insert batteries into teeth whitening light.

2. Attach mouth tray with teeth whitening light.

3. Apply 1/4 syringe of Whitening Gel into each side of the mouth tray, apply just enough to coat the frontal surfaces of your teeth to be whitened but      not your gums.

Before And After

PEP-WHITE - Teeth Whitening Kit
The Worlds Most Exclusive Formula Pro Home Teeth Whiten Tooth Whitening Dental Care (TEETH WHITENING) 3x GEL Bleaching Kit Advanced Light Whitener & Special Delivery better than tooth whitening standard strips (with 3 x Gel Refill Tubes, 1 x Mouth Guard and 1 x Battery operated led light with battery's included.)


This teeth whitening kit complies with Ebay and EU rules and contains less than 0.1% Hydrogen or Carbamide peroxide. SGS Certified & Complete With MSDS Report. The item is does not claim any health benefits from legal substances that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) hasn’t approved.

This whitening kit also is not a Herbal, holistic, or drug-like remedy that can’t imply any non-government-approved treatments and is not compared to any prescription drug.


Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Aqua, Cellulose Gum, Carbomer, Sodium Bicarbonate, EDTA, Menthol, PVP, Sodium Chlorite

Effective for all kind of stains

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  • Use the enclosed professional teeth shade guide to monitor your progress.
  • This professional teeth whitening kit is most efficient if treatments are done consecutively.
  • You may whiten your teeth for up to 12 consecutive days. Whitening treatment of over 2 times per day is not recommended.
  • Smoking, consuming food and beverages with dark colouring should be avoided during whitening period and two weeks after to maintain the best results.

How To Use

Brush and dry your teeth

Step 1

Clean and dry mouth tray. Gently brush teeth with toothpaste and rinse with water.

Paint the teeth whitening gel on your teeth

Step 2

Apply 1/4 syringe of whitening gel into each side of the mouth tray, apply just enough to coat the frontal surfaces of your teeth to be whitened but not your gums.

Put the teeth tray into mouth. Connect the power supply and start teeth whitening

Step 3

Close your mouth to fix the LED LIGHT tray in place and leave for a minimum for 10 - 30 mins depending on tolerance. After a minimum of 10 min remove the mouth tray.

After use, clean the teeth tray and brush your teeth

Step 4

Rinse your teeth with warm water, then remove the mouth tray and clean it.

Repeat this whitening procedure for 6 consecutive days.


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Mrs Joanne White 2nd Sep 2018

Item as described

Item as described, easy to use, instructions easy to follow. And a trial bag of products was a bonus too.

Amazon Customer 8th Aug 2018

Teeth whitening

Good clear instructions easy to use

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